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observations on making chai [Feb. 29th, 2008|01:33 pm]
Chai Tea Lovers: Addicted and Proud


Chai masala isn't exactly tea, tho it does have tea as an ingredient. What makes it different is all the tasty spices in it, most not very water-soluble. The trick to extracting this goodness lies in how it's brewed.

Start with a good-sized pot. Fill your intended cup half-way with whole milk or milk substitute. Empty it into the pot. Now fill the cup a bit past half-full (to allow for evaporation) with water, and empty that into the pot. Put your favorite sweetener (I use a tablespoon of honey) in the cup.

Add your chai to the pot, and (here's the trick) boil it for a full minute. Pour off the brew into your cup, straining if necessary. Be VERY careful, as it's extremely hot, and will stay hot a long time.

I'm rather partial to Stash Tea's "double-spice" tea prepared this way. Yummmmy!