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London CHAI?

So does anyone on here live in London, and if so can you recommend a place to get spicy chai? The coffee shops seem to do OK with super-sweet chai (I always get the coffee@ one when I need a sugar rush!) but I'm yet to find a place with a good spicy one here, any recommendations?

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New Moderator

Hello, all.  I started this community many years ago but I'm afraid I haven't been active on LiveJournal in quite some time.  I receive the occasional notification of a new message but outside of that I don't log in much any more.

Is there anyone in the community who would like to become a moderator and take charge of the community?  If anyone out there would like to try and make the community more active just comment on this post and I'll make it happen.

I'm glad there are still so many people who love Chai tea and who want to share ideas about it! 
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observations on making chai

Chai masala isn't exactly tea, tho it does have tea as an ingredient. What makes it different is all the tasty spices in it, most not very water-soluble. The trick to extracting this goodness lies in how it's brewed.

Start with a good-sized pot. Fill your intended cup half-way with whole milk or milk substitute. Empty it into the pot. Now fill the cup a bit past half-full (to allow for evaporation) with water, and empty that into the pot. Put your favorite sweetener (I use a tablespoon of honey) in the cup.

Add your chai to the pot, and (here's the trick) boil it for a full minute. Pour off the brew into your cup, straining if necessary. Be VERY careful, as it's extremely hot, and will stay hot a long time.

I'm rather partial to Stash Tea's "double-spice" tea prepared this way. Yummmmy!
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(no subject)

This upcoming friday (18th) is my 3 year anniversary of my first chai latte. I had it while on a school trip to scotland. One of the chaparones introduced me to it at the starbucks on Princes Street in Edinburgh. Im planning an orgy of chai related love for the day. I have one small problem tho. Im lactose intolerant and also soy intolerant. I wanted to know if I have any options out there so I can enjoy some chai latte without spending the day in the bathroom.

thanks for the help

Chai Smoothie

Had the most Uh-Mazing Chai Smoothie from T-Bar the other day.
As I'm lactose intolerant/health nazi I wanted a soy one without ice cream, so they said they'd have to supplement the ice cream with frozen bananas (a real rarity in Australia these days, due to the cyclone).

So it turned out to be something like a regular soy chai latte, blended with frozen bananas and crushed ice. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking good. Cost $5.50 though, because of the expensive bananas and overpricing of soy milk. As soon as banana prices come down, you can bet I'll be making that one at home!

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hey, (i'm new) i looked through old entrys and there doesnt seem to be any mention of the woodford folk festival.i was just suprised there was no mention of a place where chai is so big. the festival is in queensland, australia. it happens from the 27th of december to the 1st of january. (although you can arrive on the 26th and leave on the 2nd after sleeping in) its where i had my first chai. the festival has venues (tents) where performances are held. one of these tents is called the chai tent. needless to say, through out the festival the chai made there is famous and absoloutly scrumsious. i look forward to the chai tent all year because i have yet to find chai that equals it. anyone heard of the woodford folk festival?
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